Angela Gutierrez

President, CEO & Founder

Without Angela’s vision and energy, Black Diamond Row would not exist. Plain and simple. With an unwavering passion, Angela set her sights on creating the kind of Publishing Company that Songwriters and Writer/Artists will flock to. She understands the creative process and is there at every turn to help it along. She gets the “little things” that are actually most often the biggest things, such as inspirational writing rooms and the procurement of only the best musicians/production available to record the songs her writers turn in…the list goes on and on. A constant flow of ideas, Angela sees to it that good becomes better…and better becomes greatness. Her ability to attract talent is well-documented and most probably attributed to the fact that she too, has been a writer and singer for many years. “It takes one to know one..,” as the old saying goes…

Forward thinking and goal-oriented, Gutierrez has big plans for the future, and absolutely nobody will be surprised when she achieves them all.

Dedicated. Committed. Angela is Black Diamond Row.